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New managers are often left to figure leadership out for themselves. This comprehensive, detailed course gives you a shortcut to the secrets every new leader needs.

  • A way to look at Leadership and Management that no-one else talks about

  • How to prioritise like a President!

  • The 3 key leadership actions you can't do without

  • The secret to getting your most important stuff done in just one day a week

  • How to build a progress plan for your team that will build your career

  • Why leadership feels like a high wire act and how to keep your balance

  • How to build your confidence and be more assertive

  • The 2 leadership styles every leader needs

  • A step-by-step framework for difficult conversations

  • Two communication tricks that great leaders do without thinking


“This is such valuable information and makes perfect sense! Thank you so much for your time and your energy. You've given me direction and confidence!”

Brianna P

“Ben's advice and mentorship on leadership literally changed my life. I am so grateful for the lessons that he taught me and the confidence he inspired.”

Karen P

When you've completed the course...

You'll have concrete plans for building your leadership impact and developing your career.

  • A progress plan for your team - The key things you're going to achieve in the next 6 months to a year, that you can point to in conversations with your boss and job interviews for your NEXT leadership role.

  • A development plan for you - You'll build a specific plan for your own growth as a leader, aligning your ambitions with the work of your team and developing your skills and effectiveness.

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My Story

Ben C


Hi. I'm Ben. I've been in leadership roles for more than 15 years, going from leading a team of one, to running departments with 300 people. When I first started... everyone was older than me, everyone was more experienced and I felt just a little out of my depth. I knew I was good, but there was so much to learn and so much to do, I didn't know if I was coming or going. There was no time to think about what I wanted to achieve or how I was going to build my leadership career. I had to learn how to engage with my team, how to build relationships, how to work out what was important and how to prioritise so that we really got things done. I was thrown in at the deep end and asked to show leadership, without anyone really explaining what it meant! It took at lot of time and mistakes, but gradually I figured it out. And now, all those years later, I want to help YOU shortcut the process. At Leadership Jetway I share the best things I've learned from years of actually doing leadership. I want you to have a flying start on your leadership journey and in this course I show you exactly how to upgrade your career to the fast track! If I can go from a team of one to a department of 300... so can you. And I want to show you how.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome Aboard

    1. What Is Leadership - Introduction

    2. My description of leadership

    3. Balancing tasks and people

    4. Leadership vs Management

    5. Review and reflect - What is Leadership?

    6. Audio Version - What is Leadership?

    7. Handout Download - What is Leadership?

    1. What's Going On? - Introduction

    2. Different Heights

    3. Different Timescales

    4. Key contacts and meetings - Be Systematic

    5. Review and reflect - What's Going On?

    6. Audio Version - What's Going On?

    7. Handout Download - What's Going On?

    1. Your Priorities - Introduction

    2. The 80:20 Principle

    3. Reminder - Leadership vs Management

    4. The Eisenhower Matrix

    5. Daily Priorities

    6. Review and reflect - Your Priorities

    7. Audio Version - Your Priorities

    8. Handout Download - Your Priorities

    1. Building a Progress Plan for your Team

    1. Your Leadership Personality - Introduction

    2. Key Leadership Characteristics

    3. Your Leadership Balancing Act

    4. Shaping your leadership personality

    5. Review and reflect - Your Leadership Personality

    6. Audio Version - Your Leadership Personality

    7. Handout Download - Your Leadership Personality

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So many new managers...

...have the word "leadership" appear in their job description without anyone telling them what it means or how to do it. And that isn't fair!

So I created Leadership Jetway to share the best things I've learned about working with people to get stuff done.